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『Exhibition review | SIOF the 21st International Eyewear Industry Exhibition ended successfully

Release Time:2023/04/20

All the encounters are reunion after a long absence. From April 1 to 3, 2023, the three-day SIOF 21st International Eyewear Industry Exhibition has come to a successful end. Thank you for your visit and guidance, and thank every customer for their trust and support. Although the exhibition is only three days, but our passion will not fade, Mocular medical staff with sincerity, sincerity and enthusiasm to serve every customer, looking forward to meet you again!

During the retrospective exhibition, the Mocular booth was crowded with people, the exhibits were wonderful, and the scene was crowded with dealers and customers from all over the country, as well as foreign friends.

Let's review the wonderful moments of the exhibition!

The new system was unveiled

Mocular Medical has always paid close attention to the vision health of primary and secondary schools, and strive to contribute to the cause of primary and secondary school vision protection. In view of the difficulty of vision screening in primary and secondary schools, Mocular Medical has launched a self-developed self-service campus screening solution, which can achieve self-service, intelligent, rapid, continuous and large-scale campus screening. It can continuously screen 800-1200 people in eight hours, and can choose 1-3 times of optometry with an accuracy rate within ±50 degrees. Comprehensively improve the efficiency and accuracy of school vision screening. Big data is uploaded to the cloud in real time, and parents can view the test results on the Mocular public account, and easily grasp the eyesight of their children.

Through vision screening, it can be found as early as possible whether the child has myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus and other problems. However, due to the impact of screening environment, small pupil state and eye adjustment function, the results of campus screening may be biased to a certain extent. The self-screening report is for reference only and does not provide the basis for final diagnosis.

High-quality products and intelligent screening solutions have attracted a large number of professional buyers to stop for consultation and personal experience, and the booth has opened the "people follow the crowd" mode.

Star products love interaction

In this exhibition, Mocular Medical showed high-quality exhibits, including portable fundus camera, digital slit lamp microscope, handheld slit lamp microscope, optometry and other high-quality products. Once the products were exhibited, they immediately became the focus of the pavilion. Mocular sales team to professional technical explanation to customers to show the strength of the company and product advantages.

When the song ends, the rhyme is long

For three days, the Mocular booth was filled with the sound of the orchestra and its partners talking, real-time thinking collision and wisdom growth.

The phrase "quality first, service first" is not a slogan. We believe in the spirit of enterprise, practice corporate culture, is committed to providing customers with more accurate, high-quality products, more efficient, portable solutions, to achieve win-win cooperation.

Although the exhibition has ended, we have never stopped. Your attention and expectations will strengthen our steps into the future. Mocular thank you for your attention and companionship, at the same time, let us make an agreement, the next exhibition!

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